Los Angeles

Production and development for cross-platform digital entertainment.


Excellence from insiders

Founded by award-winning entertainment industry veterans spanning decades of studio experience and multiple disciplines, Hadal Studios is a complete production and post facility for digital projects including video games, experiential installations and LBE, streaming content, film, mobile and VR/AR applications.


In oceanography, a Hadal Zone is the deepest region of the ocean floor. There are only a few known hadal zones in the world's oceans, with only the very beginings of understanding that researchers have found on these mysterious places.

adjective: Hadal (hād'l) Relating to the deepest regions of the ocean.
Word Origin- From Hades.


Build. Amazing. Things.

Interactive Development

Original IP, immersive design, programming and engineering. C#, C++, Unity, Unreal, proprietary. If you have a project in mind, contact Hadal for availabilty.

Sound Design

Original content designed and processed with meticulous attention to detail, suitable for any feature film, game or television series.

Studio Facility

Fully equipped digital production studio.
Active source control, integrity checker and RAID data vault.
24bit/96k digital recording.
64 bit effects processing using the latest in digital signal processing tools.
3D previsualization and production tools.

Cinematic Music Composition

Powerful and engaging music to fit your project's mood using the latest in digital audio software, hardware and complete orchestras.

Adaptive Mixing

Hadal's mix stage is a complete solution for interactive, multichannel and multi-layered mix environments using a wide range of cutting edge audio production tools and engine-driven AI systems.



A diverse selection of hardware synthesisers dating back to the early 80's. These elusive devices are sought after for their signature sound. The partial list includes the Oberheim Xpander, Sherman Filterbank, Nord Lead 2, Access Virus TI2, Waldorf XT Shadow, Arturia Matrix Brute, Future Retro 777, Yamaha CS-80, Alesis Andromeda, Eurorack, EMU Systems, Sequential Circuits.


Hadal's staff have produced for several successful AAA franchises with credits including Metal Gear Solid, X-Men, The Terminator, Disney's Aladdin, Star Wars, Robocop and record lables including Warner and Sumthing Else Music Works